10 Best Insurance Commercials

10 Best Insurance Commercials

With a conspiratorial glance, they stuff as many marshmallows as they can fit into their mouths. Voices barely intelligible, they drool and double up in laughter as they take it in turns to describe a celebrity for the other to guess. The resultant nine-minute video is as bizarre as it is long-winded — but has been watched an astonishing nine million times. Welcome to the weird world of Joe and Zoella Sugg, the first brother and sister duo of social media, who earn a living uploading clips like these to the video platform YouTube. Their mind-boggling success illustrates the breadth of the generational gap between traditional TV audiences and those raised on social media. Brother and sister duo Zoella and Joe Suggs made their names on Youtube and have amassed 25 million online followers between them His only bird: Unlike his sister, Joe doesn’t share details about his private life, preferring to keep work and relationships separate Having made his name by filming himself getting slapped in the face with a dead fish and drinking undiluted orange squash concentrate, his main YouTube channel now has 8. Joe, meanwhile, became an apprentice thatcher for his uncle. It was Zoe who suggested Joe make a video, too.


Share via Print Credit: The following is an excerpt from Mark Hertsgaard ‘s book, Hot: Living Through the Next 50 Years on Earth. Yacouba Sawadogo was not sure how old he was. With a hatchet slung over his shoulder, he strode through the woods and fields of his farm with an easy grace.

MILLARVILLE, ALTA.—Bjorn Bonjean didn’t have trouble dating in southern Alberta, he just hadn’t found the right woman when producers of a reality television show in Belgium came calling.

History[ edit ] The song was written and recorded in late for Gainsbourg’s girlfriend, Brigitte Bardot. She asked him to write the most beautiful love song he could imagine and that night he wrote “Je t’aime” and ” Bonnie and Clyde “. Bardot pleaded with Gainsbourg not to release it. He complied but observed “The music is very pure. For the first time in my life, I write a love song and it’s taken badly. After filming, he asked her to record the song with him. Gainsbourg asked her to sing an octave higher than Bardot, “so you’ll sound like a little boy”.

If you listen to the record now, you can still hear that little gap. They released it in Picasso is a genius, me too.


The sound of the bucket loader engine signals that farm co-owner Buzz Ferver is about to dump a heap of compostables into their enclosure. Somehow, none of the birds get buried in the cascade of apple cores, potatoes and deli meats mixed with wood chips and cow manure. Last Thursday the birds pecked over the pile in a feeding frenzy so intense that it was hard to see the ground beneath them.

Multiple mounds of organic matter inside and outside the chicken house suggest Ferver knows how to convert refuse into nutrient-rich dirt.

Inside the Combine. About 10 seconds after the head takes in the ears there will be clean, separated grain in the grain tank. In this short span of time a lot of activity happens inside the machine.

The national flag is a tricolor of blue, white, and red vertical stripes. The euro replaced the franc as the official currency in The euro is divided into cents. There are coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 euro and 2 euros. There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, , , and euros. The metric system is the legal standard. Comparatively, the area occupied by France is slightly less than twice the size of the state of Colorado.

It extends km mi n—s and km mi e—w. France is bounded on the n by the North Sea and Belgium , on the ne by Luxembourg and Germany , on the e by Switzerland and Italy, on the s by the Mediterranean Sea , on the sw by Andorra and Spain , on the w by the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean , and on the nw by the English Channel , with a total boundary length of 6, km 3, mi , of which 3, km 2, mi is coastline.

France’s capital city, Paris, is located in the north central part of the country. Much of the country is ringed with mountains.

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Connection to your teammate: Life Partner for the past 15 years Previously appeared on their own television series: Funny, self-deprecating and generous. Cooking, gardening and traveling.

Check out the latest Esurance commercials to discover how we’re built to save you money on car insurance and why our customers love us.

All of them live in Chicago. They go out three nights a week, sometimes more. Each of them has had several jobs since college; Ellen is on her 17th, counting internships, since They don’t own homes. They change apartments frequently. None of them are married, none have children. All of them are from 24 to 28 years old. Thirty years ago, people like Michele, Ellen, Nathan, Corinne, Marcus and Jennie didn’t exist, statistically speaking. Back then, the median age for an American woman to get married was She had her first child at Now it all takes longer.

It’s 25 for the wedding and 25 for baby.

Queer as farm folk: Can the LGBT community save sustainable farming?

Email Copy Link Copied There are many celebrities that enjoy living in the limelight and prefer to live in the hills of Hollywood or in the fast-paced life of New York. However, there are many celebrities that like to reside in a more laid back arena where they can forget that they are a celebrity. These a-listers take living in a rural area to the next level by living on a farm where they get their hands dirty by tending to livestock and growing crops.

Believe it or not there are many celebrities that do enjoy this type of lifestyle. Here is a list of ten celebrities who find solace and purpose through farming.

Down To Earth Dating Site Honey is very much used in many household and commercial facilities, a bunch so that barefoot running has a reputation to become the leader in whole foods production. It has virtually molded into various forms so in use in any type of consumption solid, survival foods, liquid, and honeycomb and tea is.

Dating consultants choose their own target market. Typically, the ideal person is a busy professional who may not understand the rules or tricks behind creating a dating profile. Most consultants then choose a specific niche that accounts for the area they serve. However, if you feel strongly toward one demographic or another, you can likely carve out a client base regardless of where you are with the help of your expertise and passion. How does an online dating consulting business make money?

Online dating consultants will generally charge for their time. A professional company as opposed to an independent consultant may charge by the week for access to their full team.


Butter on corn, butter on scones, green beans in brown butter, buttercream icing, herb butter… Oh, butter, no other fat is quite like you, and we love you for it. The rest is generally water, milk solids and salt. Basic butter quality is determined by freshness, fat content higher fat means a richer product and salt levels. Salting both flavors and preserves butter, helping it to last up to several months longer than unsalted butter.

provides farmers, ranchers, agri-businesses and other agriculture producers, news and information on agriculture industry, live auctions of cattle, beef, dairy, swine, crops, poultry, cotton, soybean, farms equipment and many more agriculture products from cash crops to livestock.

How Do Farmers Harvest Corn? On our farm we grow corn for grain. Unlike sweet corn our corn remains in the field until fall when the plant reaches maturity and the grain dries out. So what kind of equipment do we have to get it out of the field and into our grain bins or off to market? The Combine Harvester A combine harvester, or combine, is the tool of choice for harvesting corn and other grains.

The reason this piece of equipment is called a combine is simply because it combines several jobs into a single machine. Combines cut the crop and separate the grain from the plant while processing and spreading the remaining material over the field.

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