Flo (Progressive)

Flo (Progressive)

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Tuesday, January 13, Progressive Insurance Girl – Stephanie Courtney aka Flo has become a babe She is hard to ignore because of her bubbly personality and neon make-up She irks as she endears, bemuses as she bewitches. She’s a bundle of energetic contradictions, bursting here, retracting there. Her expressions blink and change like a neon sign. Her eyes are popping globes. And she just sold you a bunch of car insurance.

Now you can dress like Flo from Progressive every single day—especially during Halloween! This very official costume comes with everything you need to get Flo’s signature look—the perky wig, navy headband, white apron, tricked-out nametag and ‘I Heart Insurance’ button.

Hundreds have professed their love for Flo, safe behind the anonymity of the Internet. Maybe its her big blue eyes or her smile or her hair or the way she talks. I don’t know, but the fact is, I think she is extremely hot. And what does Flo think of all this? Or rather, Stephanie Courtney, the year-old actress who — after two hours of hair and makeup work — is transformed into the bubbly, bursting, wise-cracking insurance pitch woman.

I mean, holy cow,” she said. Not really, Courtney says. She said the character is a highly exaggerated version of herself, with a little bit of her mom thrown in.

The truth about Flo

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He had to dispose of the body somehow! Come to think of it, how did Toyota die anyway? Nah, there was no time for that. He dragged Toyota out of the backseat of the car, looking side to side and making sure nobody was looking. He got all the way to the grassy space between Flo’s house and the house next door where the trash cans were kept when he realized that the person who lived two doors down was taking a smoking break and was watching him the whole time.

How did he not notice? Probably because the guy came out after Michael finished looking around and was confident nobody saw him. Anyway, Michael frantically stuffed Toyota’s body into the large blue recycling bin on the side of Flo’s house in the grassy space. After he closed the lid on Toyota’s body, he walked out of the grassy space and shouted over to the guy on his porch two doors down.

Get into the life of Progressive Flo’s Stephanie Courtney!

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Progressive’s Flo extends a spokeswoman tradition that goes back to Josephine the Plumber

More from my site Last updated on September 4th, at After all, laughter is good medicine. Well, Stephanie Courtney did. Stephanie Courtney is an actress popular in the comedy genre. She has also appeared in many televisions series and has been invited to perform stand up comedy at many events.

Stephanie Courtney (born February 8, ) is an American actress and comedian, best known for playing the advertising character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation beginning in , and noted for her recurring roles on several television series, including the voices of Renee the Receptionist and Joy Peters on the Adult Swim comedy Tom Goes to the Mayor .

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A little story I wrote about Jake x Flo Notes: Petition to name this ship Progressive Khakis. She shivered softly and hugged her sweater closer to her body. It was a little past sunset and getting increasingly dark outside. She was meeting someone special tonight. A rustling sounded from some bushes nearby and she jumped.


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Stephanie Courtney as “Flo” The Insurance Lady for Progressive Corporation. She is famous for her role as “Flo” in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation which is one of the largest provider of car insurance in the United States.

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Flo Says Harrison Ford Deserves Progressive Insurance

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