Gun Giveaways

Gun Giveaways

The gun has proved to be great for what it was designed to be — an assault rifle. The ammo it uses is the 7. The case also provides a wonderful option for introducing young or recoil-sensitive shooters to centerfire rifle shooting. In the AK47 and SKS variants none of which is actually an assault rifle, because they lack a full-automatic capability sold in this country, the accuracy of the 7. But in assault rifle mode, accuracy isn’t the primary consideration. Accuracy depends largely on pushing good bullets through a good barrel.

Vintage Shotgun Shells: A Collector’s Perspective

True Crime delivers some of the Region’s worst tales of murder, deceit and betrayal. Check out this slideshow to see where the cases stand. Scroll down to find Part I of this story. The search for the shotgun killer ended Jan. Antwion McGee told police they had the shotgun killer, Peterson, in custody, a revelation that surprised law enforcement officers who had been searching up to that point for a white man with medium-length hair.

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Sealed packet of 38 revolver cartridges. This packet has the instruction for the saving of the spent shells for reloading. New Item Email Price: This piece is dated SN PF broad arrow marked complete with matching serial number scabbard and fitted with correct Olive d Sold Item Description: German WW2 98K bayonet. This little revolver does not appear to have been used at all outside of the factory test-fire, and retains virtually all of th The cartridges are the typical high qua This is a complete sight and mount assembly for the Winchester Model 52, and features:

About paper shotgun shells

Fresh from a brick. Product code is Peters 22 long rifle. Bright colors and good condition. Peters “golden” bullet in 22 long.

RIO Ammunition is the US subsidiary of MAXAM, the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of sporting and hunting shotgun cartridges. Hunting Cartridges. Sporting Cartridges. Reloading Components. Law Enforcement. Meet The RIO Team. Know More About RIO.

I was soon to learn all about the manufactured products, including firearms and ammunition, and all related goods. I eventually become a member of the highly respected Remington sales force. In , Remington was producing three different autoloading shotguns. Kelly would soon produce in a new autoloader which combined the best features of all three, including appearance, balance, low recoil, durability and dependability under all field and target conditions.

The Lordship Gun Club had been around since the s and, at that time, was open to the public. A great place to learn to shoot skeet and trap. I started with skeet, using a Remington Model , with earplugs and shooting glasses.

Gun Test: The Heizer PS1 Pocket Shotgun

The headstamp is the stamped markings on the head of the cartridge. Information that can be obtained from the headstamp is extremely varied and depends on the intended purpose or use of the cartridge and who manufactured it. Headstamps consist of one or more parts or information elements.

conditon very good with shot bulging,,,brown paper case topwad info,,,,loaded by w r a co 4 1/4 1 1/8 6,,,winchester offered rival shells loaded between and ,,$ s/h check my other auctions for more collectible shells and save on combined shipping,,,payment required .

Charlie Heizer was raised in Hungary and is old enough to remember life under Nazi oppression. He trained as an engineer and then escaped the Hungarian revolution in to arrive in the US with nothing more than a toothbrush and a pair of socks. Charlie learned English and went on to form an aerospace company that built parts for the Boeing , the C and the space shuttle.

Charlie has seen firsthand what results when an entire population is disarmed and finds itself beneath the boot of a despot. As a result, Charlie is passionate about the guns he designs. There is a peculiar anomaly within American firearms law allowing gun manufacturers to sell handguns firing. This bit of serendipity arises from the fact.

The mechanism is blindingly simple and the materials top-flight.

Riverside Arms Shotgun

March 11, Location: I have a couple of those. The advantage to Al is cost. The disadvantages are that its not brass.

All gun ammo should be stored in a secure place as well. In fact, you can store your ammunition in the same locked case with your firearm! Technically, you are allowed to store the gun ammo inside of the magazine, as long as the magazine is not inside of your gun.

Text My first shotgun was a single-shot hammer gun, a hand-me-down from my mother. Dad bought it for her while they were dating, and though they hunted together a few times, Mom never caught the fever. She loved the dogs. She loved walking in the autumn fields, but shooting stuff—not so much. Today, I work part-time at a small sporting goods store, mostly to get out of the house and to maintain measure on the pulse of what real hunters and shooters are buying.

Usually, a parent seeking a first shotgun for a son or daughter makes a beeline to the single-shots.


He trained as an engineer and then escaped the Hungarian revolution in to arrive in the US with nothing more than a toothbrush and a pair of socks. Charlie learned English and went on to form an aerospace company that built parts for the Boeing , the C and the space shuttle. Charlie has seen firsthand what results when an entire population is disarmed and finds itself beneath the boot of a despot.

As a result, Charlie is passionate about the guns he designs.

Shop at SGAmmo for x55 Swedish Ammo. We carry a wide variety of affordable and high quality ammunition ready to order. We’re selling bulk ammo at discount prices. Buy now!

The rifle is 7X65R cal. Also comes with a set of 20 ga shotgun bbls. These are all included in a case. The engraving on the frame is beautiful. It is well executed with some deep relief engraving on the bolsters and some very fine scroll on the sides and bottom. This was evidently a special order gun for someone since on the trigger guard in a small oval is the initials “APA”.

Spanish deactivated engraved 12 bore Shotgun:

AL, NC After I figured out that I actually needed a screw driver to get the stock off, I took the stock off and a bunch of pieces of metal just fell out. Now I am unsure how to put those parts back in. When you don’t know what to do with a gun, ASK first. Hope you can get yours like you want it to be just please forget about shooting it , and you can find someone who knows more about it than I do to tell you what to do next.

Meanwhile, there’s a great article from the folks at Briley I always bring up at times like this

Shotgun Shells; Vintage Ammo; Other Ammunition; Black Powder & Muzzleloaders. This auction is for a Used Beretta Silver Pigeon 12Ga Pump Shotgun manufactured in The barrel is stamped (XVI) dating it to manufacture. The wood stock and forearm are both in very good to excellent condition with no cracks or chips. There is an.

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The Telltale Shotgun Shell

Antique Shells, Antique Rifle Ammunition, Antique Ammo Over the years, a lot of old cartridges and ammunition shells have been discovered at battlegrounds in the U. While some of them are used ammunition, others have remained in their original boxes and casings for decades. Depending on their ages, conditions, and rarity, they may be worth a substantial amount of money and considered very valuable by gun enthusiasts and collectors.

We all know that x39mm ammo packs a ton of punch in a small package. Cheaper Than Dirt! has everything from good, standard full metal jacket to soft point ammunition for taking that deer you have been dreaming about.

Originally using a single action bar, that was known to bind and even break, this was changed to dual action bars in , following the expiration of Remington’s patent on the double action bar design. A single large locking lug is used to secure the breech. The magazine tube is located below the barrel, and is screwed into the receiver. The slide release is located to the left rear of the trigger guard, and the safety is located on the upper rear of the receiver often called a ” tang safety”.

Sights vary from model to model, from simple bead sight to a receiver mounted ghost ring or an integrated base for a telescopic sight. Most models come with the receiver drilled and tapped for the installation of a rear sight or a scope base. The factory scope base is attached to the barrel via a cantilever -type mount, which places the scope over the receiver but keeps it with the barrel if the barrel is removed.

Intended for use in harsh and dirty conditions, such as waterfowl hunting or combat, the Model series is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. All Model s feature interchangeable barrels given a particular gun’s magazine capacity—a barrel designed for a five-shot tube will not fit a gun with a seven-shot tube , which may be removed without the use of tools, by loosening a screw on the end of the magazine tube, allowing the barrel to be removed.

Dual action bars connect the fore-end to the bolt, and generous clearances between the steel action bars and their receiver channels reduce wear on the aluminium receiver while allowing the shotgun to function with the presence of dirt or debris. The Model ‘s bolt locks into a recess located on the top of the steel barrel instead of the receiver itself, thus allowing the use of lightweight aluminum instead of steel.

The trigger housing and safety button are made of plastic to reduce cost. Disassembly[ edit ] The trigger assembly, which includes the trigger, hammer, sear, and trigger body with guard, can be removed by pushing out one retaining pin and pulling downwards on the guard if a pistol grip is installed, it usually must be removed first as virtually all such grips obstruct the removal of the trigger body.

Firearms Facts Episode 18: Shotgun Shell Color codes

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