Has Jessica or Yoona from SNSD dated anyone recently?

Has Jessica or Yoona from SNSD dated anyone recently?

This insider reminds me so much of the numbered insider Fewer gaps in her english – I’d say this one is a westerner. Slightly less cryptic but still I don’t care whether their fake or not – it’s still disappointing when you end up knowing more information than them. I’m a South Korean – just lived in English speaking countries pretty much my entire teenage years. Even if I simply say that they just ping my gaydar, they go nuts. Most of the ones getting offended are probably bitter straight trolls, I don’t know, but they never get moderated.

Taeyeon finally updates her Instagram after last week’s SNSD news

I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together. Taeyeon C , Seulgi Chanyeol:

Feb 14,  · Best Answer: I’ve heard of this too, and saw one GIF where Jessica tries to make Taeyeon laugh but she ignores her. I researched about it, and nobody but Taeyeon and Jessica know. Many SONES think it’s just a typical girl fight. I also read that originally, instead of TaeTiSeo, it was supposed to be Taeyeon, Tiffany, and : Resolved.

How really true is it? A attended a party with F, allowing F to broaden her social network while B either calls F to her home or spends some “cozy time” with her in a car. B might be aware that A recently bought F a car. Both A and B have wrapped up their filming but both are disappointed because they cannot spend as much time as they’ll like with F due to F’s overseas promotions.

At the moment she seems close with them both but no one’s really sure of her true feelings. Their names popped up with each other, netizens were searching them like crazy – everyone was curious but no one was actually talking about it May it’s published as a blind item in sport seoul with the addition of HYS but quickly taken down. One of the korean comments, and a guest user here also pointed it out, that SportsSeoul usually has news that turns out to be true; one example would be the incredible news of Seo Taiji’s and Lee Jin Ah’s relationship.

Taeyeon and Jessica a couple?

But it was long ago. I never thought she was dating Baekhyun 4. Song Hye Gyo has a bad reputation for dating all the guys she worked with 6.

Jul 13,  · Taeyeon – SMTown Live Concert in Seoul Find this Pin and more on Taeyeon Snsd I by 안녕. GIRLS GENERATION, the best source for .

Being label mates and all. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it. You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

I just did the shoot today. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal. Originally posted by shiki-soon She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up.

She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names.

Rumors from saesangs on specific idols (lots of interesting info)

Is a heavy drinker. Before and after the scandal. Hyomin Her family has disowned her for being associated with the dating club. Possibilities of her being falsely accused are very likely, but CCM is taking no action to clear this particular accusation with press release.

Anti-fans have tried time and time again to prove that Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has had plastic surgery. In an attempt to defend the SM Entertainment singer, however, fans posted a gif comparing her face during her debut days to a recent photo.

Curated by Parasshuram Shalgar Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Kim Hyo Yeon — better known by her stage name Hyoyeon –has been on a roll since She published a book titled “Hyo Style” in which she shares tips on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. News of Hyoyeon’s K-pop comeback was made known earlier this week by her label and agency SM Entertainment. The single titled “Wannabe” is a pop dance track that sends out a warning to a playboy.

It was also revealed that rapper San E will be featured in the song too. Eventually, a teaser trailer for the “Wannabe” music video was released. Not much can be discerned from it but we do know the setting is a gym. There seem to be two athletes who many assume are boxers in it too. Finally, the background music gives very little in how the track song will sound.

The reason why “Wannabe” is considered the official debut single is that “Mystery” was performed for SM Station, a special collaboration project between SM Entertainment artists with other artists, producers, or even businesses. Top Videos of the Day Hyoyeon’s comeback is actually the first of two major events to take place pertaining to her career this year. She originally made her debut back on August 5, , as a member of Girls’ Generation and their year anniversary is coming up.

Many fans, especially those who are members of the girl group’s fan club known as Sones, speculate a monumental comeback. Others are also weary this year may be the last before an official disbandment is announced.

dating hyoyeon

B Date of Birth: May 15, Zodiac Sign: Sunny was in Kuwait when she was just a baby, around the time of the Gulf War, that is why she is afraid of loud explosions. Sunny does not go to college but she did finish high school. Sunny says that its more important now for her to chase the dream of being a good singer than to try to chase two rabbits at once. Its better to chase one rabbit then another.

taeyeon is taken On April 17, Taeyeon was pulled off stage by an unidentified man at the Angel Price Music Festival. During SNSD’s performance of “Run Devil Run,” an unknown man emerged from backstage and suddenly grabbed Taeyeon by her arms to drag her off-stage.

A surprisingly tough leader. Her pack is one of the longest standing, as most dissolve or end in bloodshed. Not hers though, which stayed strong, thanks to her leadership. So she likes to be alone sometimes, or keeps her feelings to herself. On one of her times to wander off alone and think, she encounters you.

They were very close knit so you almost consider leaving yet they were never rude or mean, just reserved around you. So you persevered and eventually earned their trust. Taeyeon took even longer than the others but eventually she trusted and adored you. She started talking to you even more than her right hand, Tiffany. And the others could see the romance blossoming.

Her sometimes child-like personality makes you protective of her. So when a foreign pack attacks, you fight to protect her until you can fight no more. Which she does, staying by your side almost constantly.

Taeny rumor dating

Taeyeon Nose Job Rumor To convenience public and creating good image being hard job for the independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of pop music SM Entertainment that denies rumor their actress Taeyeon SNSD undergoes plastic surgery. Taeyeon is not the only member of girl band SNSD that was rumored committed plastic surgery to enhance her beauty assets. The other members like Tiffany, Yoona, Jessica and the newest Hyoyeon also rumored undergoes plastic surgery.

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Initially, I was surprised to hear that Taeyeon and Baekhyun were going out. There had been no previous rumors about the two of them dating, it was sprung on kpop fans with no warning whatsoever. Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating? Who, what, when, where, why, and how? I never thought Taeyeon would go out with a guy three years younger than her. But I guess proximity promotes closeness.

Now that their relationship has been revealed to the public, we will see if they are strong enough to handle the inevitable backlash that comes from idol dating scandals. Taeyeon and Baekhyun are both extremely popular in Korea, and there will be plenty of fans who will not be pleased on the recent news.

EXO fans are angry in the typical way you would expect, they feel that the love the have given to Baekhyun is not being returned, and thus feel betrayed. They are angry at Baekhyun, and are either angry or hate Taeyeon. They say her Instagram exists for her to show how much she loves her fans, not to play around with her boyfriend.

#KPop: Fans Present Evidence That BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & SNSD’s Taeyeon Are An Item

It helps that there are several epic riffs throughout. The keyboard and guitar riffs in the self-titled song. Which is pretty ironic, as both groups are from the same company and support each other very much. Also between 2NE1 fans Blackjacks and Sones. Arguments mostly about the looks of the members of each group, and which group is more “talented”.

Home» Taeyeon dating rumors» SNSD Taeyeon cầm đầu tẩy chay Jessica – Nguyên nhân việc rời nhóm của Jessica – SNSD liệu có bị tẩy chay giống T-ara Những khoảnh khắc Seohyun bị ngó lơ trong TaeTiSeo – Nhạc Hàn.

I have long figured out I was a masochistic. I liked slapping my mistakes and stupidities on my face, burying my head with shame and regrets, reminding myself over and over again of things I did wrong or could have done. Just like now, when I was caught up in my tablet, reading the headlines and absorbing all the online comments one by one.

From a murderer — to a monster — to an axis of evil — I’ve been named names, cussed and spat on, a million times. Until it felt as if I didn’t recognize who was the Kim Taeyeon the public persecuted. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, and I don’t who did this. Hyoyeon’s assault scandal, Tiffany’s dating scandal, they both got buried with the new hot issue that broke to the media on the morning of April 12, SNSD is in turmoil.

Kim Taeyeon wants to quit. Is Kim Taeyeon pregnant? Could it be SM’s own noise marketing? Could it be SM’s way to threaten me, make me scared to death, of showing me just how much they could ruin me in the eyes of the media and the public?

EXO Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating

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