North American F-86 Sabre

North American F-86 Sabre

For instance your rod and reel set-up should match the fishing presentation. Muskie anglers have bucktail, jerk bait and top water outfits. In short, fishing rods and reels have come a long way over time, with new space age materials having been developed for rod construction making them longer and much lighter as well as reels with multiple ball bearings and one piece alloy and graphite frames. Spincasting outfits are excellent in teaching the beginning angler and children the mechanics of casting. Casting is a simple task, the angler presses and holds down a button on the rear of the reel, this disengages the line pick-up pin, upon the forward cast the line comes off the spool. Once the crank handle is turned the pick-up pin is engaged retrieving the line on the spool. Spincast reels have low gear ratios as a result of the size of the spool, which makes it difficult to fish lures that require a fast retrieve such as: For rods buy fiberglass their durable will hold up from abuse. The design was of a fixed spool reel mounted below the fishing rod with a mechanical pick-up wire bail used to retrieve the fishing line. The anti reverse feature prevents the crank handle from rotating while fighting a fish allowing the angler to use the drag.

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Recently, I have begin to collect vintage Mitchell reels and it is becoming one of my favorite pastimes. I have had a problem however, in that getting information like manuals and schematics and dating information has been a problem.

But because that site is available, I do not see any reason to step on anyone’s toes with my limited ability and knowledge. However, I paid for the site, so I will use it for something. When I was a teenager, a long long time ago, my favorite uncle advised me to get a Mitchell He said dollar for dollar it was the best buy on the market and it would last a long time with just a little care. This was in the late 60s I’ll go ahead and admit it and I often thought of that reel.

The memories reminded me of a lot of good times fishing with friends and family with that familiar clicking sound. Recently, I have begin to collect vintage Mitchell reels and it is becoming one of my favorite pastimes. I have had a problem however, in that getting information like manuals and schematics and dating information has been a problem.

I kept reading about a site called the Mitchell Museum but it was hacked before I began collecting and the information there has not been available.

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How do I date my Garcia Mitchell spinning reel and establish its current value? It is serial number with no prefix letter and it is stamped “Made in France” in several places on the reel.

Researching an answer was not an easy task since Mitchell did not use a system that was user friendly! Our research revealed inconsistencies in the methodology of how they applied their serial numbers. This is not to say Mitchell did not have a suitable system, but if they did, it is not evident. What we did uncover was somewhat satisfying but also disappointing at the same time.

We divided the dating process into four periods. Each group has their own unique method of numbering with no tie between the systems. We looked at the problem from an analytical approach so we can make some sense of their methods.

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My introduction to collecting tackle started with lures and quickly spread to reels. As a young boy, my father frequently took me fishing. In the s and 70s, Galveston, Texas was where my family spent its free time. I used a Mitchell until I was about thirteen or fourteen, when my father decided it was time for me to take the next step– an Ambassadeur !

The Pump Makers. These are the ones we’ve found so far – listed in alphabetical order (there will be more). It’s become apparent that some installers simply affixed their nameplate to a pump supplied by one of the larger manufacturers, and inevitably some of the names we’ve listed are therefore not necessarily the makers of the pump.

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I only profess to be interested. Heck, I’m not even a good fisherman. My saltwater has been inside inlets or just a little out. Though most vintage Mitchell reels have oval shape bodies; my purpose for identifying these reels as Egg-Shape is very simple. They all have the basic classic body housing design of the very first Mitchell with a three screw “Cover Plate” as shown above. Plus and most important; these all were serial numbered in sequence at the Mitchell factory after assembly regardless of the different models or even which distributor country they were made for.

Other Classic Egg-Shape models made after were included in the same serial number sequence. Please note that these dates are the approximate date of manufacture at the factory and NOT date of receipt by the wholesaler, retailer or when it was first advertised or purchased. The first two versions did not have serial numbers at all and the beginning of the 3rd version also did not have numbers.

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Mitchell Fishing Reels History “Celebrating 75 Years” ~ From the origins of Mitchell reels in the Arve Valley of France, through its formative years starting in , to its formal exporting launch in and meteoric rise for “30 Glorious Years”, to its place in history .

An antique fishing reel is a nosalgic collectible for many. Antique fishing reels are a popular collectible among fishermen throughout the United States. In essence, each reel has its own set of fish tales to tell. They were cared for and used by men and women who fished for pleasure, for necessity, or simply for sport. There are also those collectors who marvel at the evolution of this simple, yet effective hand-powered machine. What to Look For in a Reel If you are collecting reels and want to stick with those that will increase in value over time look for these traits:

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Pumps at Owermoigne, Dorset, and Rushbrook, Suffolk, have similar inscriptions on their caps. Ashfield Found on a pump at St. Bride’s Major, Vale of Glamorgan. Not yet positively identified identified this company, but I’ve found a Thomas Ashfield, pump maker of North Malvern, Worcs, who died in Also at London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.

Down and Amberley, W. Down; and in Australia and New Zealand.

New Mitchell reels at MIA

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