Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4: The Animation

This Culture Festival is going to be a huge pain, I can feel it. The Culture Festival’s going to be Saturday and Sunday next week. There’s a rumor that one of the classes still hasn’t decided what they’re going to do! Yeah, that’s pretty common. They’ll argue about it forever, but in the end they’ll end up with something lame like a rest area. Only one more week left to get ready… I need to get fired up, too!

Sooo… Persona 4: Golden has some really terrible voice acting

Imagine in Pq2 the lobby area turns into like just a big sleepover , like there’s truth or dare , late night scary stories, karaoke, makeovers ect just all the kids having fun ren-amamiyaa answered: They all mostly compromise on comedy and action movies, but Futaba sneaks some horror and romance in there and cackles at the results for days after. As an apology, she also sets up a video gaming tournament and gets a kick out of being the announcer.

Tae Takemi was very satisfied with her life right now because for the past months she had been dating her lover. Akira Kurusu was many things, leader of the Phantom Thieves, transfer student, her guinea pig, a fool, but most of all her boyfriend.

Yu had gone home for a couple of weeks, reuniting with his parents at his place. He told them about all the adventures he had in Inaba and how much he missed his friends and wanted to go back for another year. His parents had another school lined up and everything, but after countless times of begging and pleading from Yu, he managed to sway them to allow them to go back for another year.

It’s kinda a dull place in the middle of nowhere; I had an admittance spot lined up for you at that school you visited, Gekkoukan High. Yu called all his friends, every one of them excited for another year with their best friend. Yu shipped everything back to Dojima’s and found himself headed straight back a couple days before school would begin. The train came out of the tunnel, the familiar skyline of Inaba greeting him with a warm embrace.

Nanako Dojima

Review copy provided by the publisher. Persona 4 Golden Share Tweet One of the worst nightmares for a Japanese high schooler living in a major city is to be uprooted from there in order to go to live in a small town somewhere in the countryside. Persona 4 Golden starts exactly with that nightmare, only to propel the protagonist into something much worse. The plot of Persona 4 Golden is one of the most complex and interesting in the last few years of JRPGs, and RPGs in general, based on an extremely solid cast made of varied and beautifully described characters that show an amazing degree of progression through the story and on plot devices that never really get old, despite being sometimes rather crazy.

Jun 24,  · I think you haven’t thought this through properly. At the time of Persona 3, Chie is only 14/15 and Rise 13/14, still in middle school. Really rather too young for year-old Minato.

This plot summary only covers the content in the original Persona 4. Golden-exclusive plot content such as Marie is not listed here. Set in , the game starts with the protagonist who is named by the player being sent to the rural town of Inaba from the big city, since his parents are working abroad. His uncle Dojima is a police detective, whose primary assistant is a man named Tohru Adachi.

On his first day arriving in town, the protagonist has a strange dream that teaches him to use a Persona , specifically his first one Izanagi , in battle. Through Chie, the protagonist and Yosuke come to realize that an urban legend called the Midnight Channel is true; if you stare into a turned off TV at midnight on a rainy day, you will see a strange figure in there. Shocking the once sleepy town, a TV announcer, Mayumi Yamano , is found dead, hanging upside-down from a telephone pole.

When the protagonist first watches the Midnight Channel after hearing the rumor from Chie, he finds that he has the power to physically go into the TV, but his TV is too small to support him.

Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Dammit, I just fixed this thing… It’s making squeaking sounds again. His bike really is a piece of crap. After hanging out with Nanako-chan… I feel even stronger that we have to solve this case. Hehe… Same to you! Y’know, Chie and Yukiko seem different lately… They’re a lot closer.

Jan 03,  · Persona 4 (and 3) are pretty unconventional, with half the game being a dating/popularity sim and other half JRPG. It’s definitely not for everybody (IMO, tho I could be wrong). G.

Dec 24 , Full Body’s newest character, Rin. The first is in the trailer , which ends with protagonist Vincent waking up next to a naked Rin and getting a good look below her waist, eyes going wide with terror as he lets out a horrified wail. The second image is in a poster with Rin lifting her skirt to show us her genitals, which are obscured in shadow while Vincent’s traumatized eyes stand right in front of them. Ads with the other Catherine girls also covered their genitals for titillation.

Rin’s ad is not titillation.

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Her mother died in a hit and run when she was young, and thus all the household chores fall to her, but despite her age she does an admirable job managing both the cooking and cleaning after school. Nanako can usually be found in the living room watching television, and is especially absorbed in quiz shows. Nanako is a big fan of the Junes Department Store , singing along with the jingle every time a commercial airs. When Ryotaro suggests they go on an outing, Nanako suggests they all go to Junes, instead of taking a vacation.

Nanako represents the Justice Arcana Social Link , which she creates with the protagonist should his ‘Expression’ characteristics reach a sufficient level.

How to max each social link in Persona 4 Golden.

Line Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. You can download the clip or download a player to play the clip in your browser. Well, Nanako isn’t afraid of me. She’s just like her mother. Rise Kujikawa Line Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. Even after everything that happened, I wanted to change again. Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player.

I thought I could do that by solving this case.

yu x naoto

Women from fiji on webcam Persona 4 dating sayoko Yosuke wants to take Saki to see a movie, but an assembly is called in, where it is learned that she has died. Yosuke proposes a theory that not only people who appear on the Midnight Channel will die, but also the television world is somehow connected to their deaths. After acquiring a mysterious power called “Persona”, he embarks on a journey with his new friends to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of murders involving the distorted TV World, as well as a phenomenon called the “Midnight Channel”.

Yosuke, out of shock, accidentally knocks the three of them into the television, where they enter a world shrouded by fog.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a role-playing game developed and published by Atlus for the PlayStation 2. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Like its predecessor, its gameplay combines a traditional role-playing game with elements of a social simulation.

Late to the Game: Persona 4 Golden Ryan Meitzler on March 30, But that changed due to pretty persistent recommendations from multiple people: As one-by-one the characters were introduced and added to my party, my in-game relationships with each of the main characters grew just as deep as the ones I was experiencing in playing the game, whether it was going to the movies with Yosuke, walking down the riverside with Yukiko, or eating ridiculous food and eventually forming a relationship with Chie.

As much as I put a lot of thought into venturing through The Midnight Channel and especially in boss fights , managing my time between a job, hanging out with friends, studying, and everything else took just as much of an effort at times. Would I spend the day studying for my upcoming midterms, or hang out at Junes with the gang and uncover more of the murder mysteries at hand?

Should I go to work to increase my Diligence, or have dinner with Chie and further our relationship?

Persona 4: The Animation – “Would you love me?” Episode 5 Recap

A scene in Golden has the two of them sharing an Umbrella of Togetherness. The trope has explicit romantic connotations, but this is the very same scene where Kanji gets very flustered over the idea of doing the same thing with Naoto, his long-time crush, and says that they “would be just like a couple” if they did so You have way too many chances to hit on him, more than some girls actually.

During the school festival, if you sit in the men’s table, Yosuke has to sit besides the girls, so Yosuke asks “If you could date one of us, who would it be? He blushes Yeah, I know.

May 04,  · is there a negative effect if i chose more than 1 girlfriend in persona 4? the makes it sound like it’s a sin to have a lot of girlfriend (with really is) in the game. cause i have already chosen chie but i want to see naoto in a dress but she has to be a girlfriend for me to do that. is there a special ending if i have a girlfriend?Status: Resolved.

Video Game Verified Purchase Ever wondered what your high school would be like if you and your friends had to investigate a serial kidnapping and murder case involving a hidden world inside of TVs, literally fighting your inner demons, and a talking bear mascot suit? If you said yes, you need to play Persona 4! Just like Persona 3, you play as a junior in high school who must balance his duties as a student with those of a shadow-killing, Persona-wielding badass. Unlike 3, you can now directly control the actions of your teammates in battle and never use tactics ever again , and yes, this did warrant a bullet point on the back of the box for many people.

Also, skipping your turn now has the added benefit of increasing your defense and making it nigh-impossible for enemies to exploit your weak points. However, it’s also easier to get 1 more turn, as ma- skills the ones that hit all enemies are now eligible for 1 mores. Getting knocked down isn’t as big of a deal since your turn isn’t wasted by getting up. Also, hitting a downed enemy doesn’t make them stand back up anymore, but instead has the chance to make them Dizzy.

Chie Satonaka

Darth-Plaguise Darth-Plaguise 5 years ago 1 ok so im dating Chie social-link is maxed and all that stuff yet no seems to know we are dating and Yosuke keeps trying to get me to pick up girls with him It only changes how they talk to you when you choose to spend your free time with them. There are a few events that you can do with them if you’re seeing one of them at certain dates in the game like the summer festival, new year’s day, christmas eve, and valentine’s day.

Also other characters don’t notice or acknowledge your relationship ever. Only time this happens is during the scenes on valentine’s day. StevenKorner 5 years ago 4 “dating Chie help” User Info:

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However, as he brings together the old team, new feelings surface. He remembers everything even the day he was born. Every sight, sound, smell or touch he remembers with crystal clarity and he has power from the moment he is born. And whats up with Hedwig? All chapters edited for spelling, grammar, and some content. You may want to re-read it.

Harry Potter – Rated: She liked being organized. But the Dark Lord’s return at the end of her fifth year derailed everything, and now she must decide who will best help her find the life she always wanted.

Persona 4 – Date with Ai & Yukiko at Okina Station HD [UNDUB] [PCSX2]

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