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I’ve known many people over the years who have special needs children, and unfortunately, it tends to be very limiting in many areas. I’m glad to see you getting some recognition and support for what you’re doing. It can be hard enough as a single parent dealing with the day to day aspects of raising any child, so I’m sure all the additional things that come into play with a special needs child can be overwhelming. It will require that you find a partner with an extraordinary amount of patience and understanding, just as it would if you were a single mother in the same position. The idea about getting involved in the special olympics or a similar organization is brilliant, simply because you are much more likely to find someone there who can truly relate and has genuine empathy for your situation. It’s human nature really, that we don’t really have a firm understanding of another’s situation unless we ourselves have experienced it. One thing that has bothered me in reading this thread are the disparaging remarks and apparent double standards being assigned to women who may not have interest in becoming involved in your situation. I have read hundreds of threads regarding single parents, particularly single mothers, who are being chastized and criticized for expecting someone else to get involved and help them raise other men’s children. I would imagine that there are many women that feel the same way.

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The word “Down syndrome” first came into our world a little over two and a half years ago. In “I Didn’t Want Him,” I shared my initial reaction to finding out the baby boy I was carrying would be born with Down syndrome.

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You fill out a profile and find your ideal mate for life. I have mental delays and physical challenges including; heart defects, low muscle tone, hearing loss, visual impairment, spinal instability, increased tendency towards obesity and leukemia, shorter lifespan and limited prospects for happiness. Most people would avoid this poor individual like the plague.

A couple with Down Syndrome recently got engaged, and their story is absolutely and Sarah met when they were three-years-old, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Brothers Andrew and Joseph both have Down Syndrome. Andrew and Joseph have enriched our lives in countless ways. These special boys bring so much love and joy to our family. Their smiles light up a room. We have all learned to be patient as we have watched them persevere to reach developmental milestones that I took for granted with my other children-sitting, crawling, eating, walking, talking. We celebrate with them and feel their pride.

They have taught my other children to be kind, charitable and compassionate as they are quick to help Andrew and Joseph with their needs.

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The comments were made during a debate about non-invasive pre-natal testing as the Church raised concerns that a rising number of abortions would lead to the condition being wiped out altogether. Synod members unanimously passed a motion calling for the Government to ensure that “unbiased information” is given to expectant parents who are told their child has Down’s Syndrome after taking the blood test, which is being rolled out across the UK and replaces older tests which carried a risk of miscarriage.

The Church raised concerns that women were being put under pressure to abort and urged doctors not to frame such a result as “bad news”. Speaking during the debate, Andrew Gray, a lay member of Synod, said: The UK and Europe has begun to practice eugenics, by default, and without intent. But while the reasons and the motivations are different, the outcome is the same. Introducing the motion he said the life expectancy for a child with Down’s Syndrome had risen from nine years in to 60 years today.

However, he said the debate was not about the ethics of abortion, pointing out that the Church’s position on that issue is clearly stated. Mr Newcome resisted efforts from some members to introduce clauses calling for pregnancies not to be terminated on the basis of Down’s Syndrome, arguing that the move “could be seen as putting pressure on women and even criticising them”.

In response to concerns from members about the situation in Iceland and Denmark the Archbishop of Canterbury also said he would speak to his counterparts in the Porvoo Communion of northern European churches about the high rate of abortion in those countries for foetuses thought to have the condition. Speaking earlier in the week the actress Sally Phillips, who has a son with Down’s Syndrome, said women were “over and over told by implication but also overtly that they will not be able to cope with a Down’s Syndrome baby”.

She told a small group of Synod members that a pregnant friend had been “rung nine times during her pregnancy to be offered and offered and offered a termination in case she changed her mind”. The group also heard from Heidi Crowter, 22, who has Down’s Syndrome, and who urged members to pass the motion.

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Having a baby with Down Syndrome can be overwhelming, Here are some important things to know about this condition and the road ahead for you and your infant. This additional genetic material disrupts the normal mental and physical development. Infants with Down syndrome have low muscle tone and are at risk for other health problems, which can add to the complexity of newborn care.

The national developmental disability news site covering autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disability and more.

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I love it here because they are so nice to me. Born at a U. With three sisters and a brother born at three other military bases in the U.

Meet an Athlete Ambassador. Andrew Harris is an avid runner and climber, enjoys movies, music, animals, and anything outdoors. He and his brother-in-law, Max Hammer, along with Andrew’s sister Amy, reached the Summit of the Grand Teton in August ; making Andrew the first person with Down syndrome to do so!

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