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Considering they had SO MANY classic hits in such a relatively short period, it certainly makes them one of the greatest pop bands of all time. Now that ABBA have reunited for brand new music for the first time in 35 years , we couldn’t resist in revisiting some of their very best songs. So, in no particular order: It’s not often you get a history lesson in a pop tune. It started an amazing run of 18 consecutive Top 10 hits in the UK and Ireland. They actually offered it to their British equivalents, Brotherhood of Man, who turned it down. What were they thinking!?

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History[ edit ] Cominco started in as The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, formed by the amalgamation of several units controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Cominco’s core Sullivan Mine in Kimberley, British Columbia which began production of lead, zinc, silver and tin in , would operate for more than 90 years until its ore reserves exhausted in The Beaverdell Mine, purchased by Teck in , went back even further to , and produced silver until The association between Teck and Cominco began in , when Teck and two industry partners acquired a shareholding from CP Limited, and culminated with the merging of the two companies in July The facilities are located near Fernie, British Columbia.

About Bryn Martinez Bryn, a Filipino TCK, was born in in Manila, Philippines. She has spent parts of her life in Seattle, Chicago, and Athens, Greece. For the past few years, she has lived in Montreal, Canada, attending Concordia University and pursuing a Masters in Child Study.

They actually keep their shape better if you keep the old covers on. I was barely able to cut enough for two cushions side-by-side. Next, with right sides together back of fabric facing out , I pinned the side seam on both sides: Then, also starting at the folded edge, I sewed straight from folded edge to the open edge on both sides: See why stripes are the way to go? You will sew along this line to create your front boxed corners. Remove the cover and sew those seams: Just look at that beautiful corner!

And you can barely make out the side seam because of the stripes! And hand sew it up: My assistant is texting his friends while on the job again. My pillows got a makeover too… Before:

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Marry a Foreigner (Like I Did)

Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North Below item by Ken Ettie started this page and over the years I’ve added items at the bottom of the page, but from now on I wil add the on top. Starting with this item shared by Christopher Lennie in Aug. I webmaster spent some considerable time on this, and I did manage to find the story behind this wreckage mainly thanks to the earlier work by one Doug Davidge. First I came up nil:

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The suspension follows extensive allegations of sexual harassment from employees at Nickelodeon against the year-old animation industry veteran. According to people within the studio, as many as a dozen women have come forward to accuse Savino of inappropriate behavior, ranging from unwanted sexual advances to threats of industry blacklisting after the end of consensual relationships with co-workers.

Nickelodeon did not confirm that Savino was not currently at the studio. A Nickelodeon spokesperson told Cartoon Brew: As a matter of policy, we do not comment on specific employee matters, but we take all allegations of this nature very seriously, investigate them thoroughly and take any necessary actions as a result. The series has been a major ratings hit for the network. If you wish to share additional details about the situation, you can send a messages to amid [at] cartoonbrew [dot] com.

Requests for anonymity will be honored. The disturbing details include offers of work in exchange for sexual favors, and explicit text messages. The artist told Cartoon Brew that she was unable to accept a work offer at Nickelodeon due to his presence at the studio. Nickelodeon has confirmed that it has fired Chris Savino from the company and that he is no longer involved with The Loud House, which will continue production.

With her permission, Cartoon Brew is reprinting some of her tweets below: Grandma’s been waiting for this day for a long damn time. I learned my lesson.

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It took me years to realise that TCK culture has a huge race problem. This discourse is undeniably and overly dominated by the experiences of upper class white people, and its representation of people of colour is tarnished by respectability politics and class privilege. Living in American compounds working on their IB diplomas at the International School of Whatever, many TCKs are children of white diplomats, military personnel, missionaries or businesspeople in the global south.

So, too, have TCKs and a culture painfully blind to colonialism and imperialism while massively benefitting from both.

TCK is a broad term that encompasses all children who have grown up abroad (i.e. military kids, diplomats’ kids, immigrants). Missionary kids are just one of .

John Valentine ii What with all of the wonderful reasons why marrying a foreigner is fantastic fun see our post 10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Foreigner , there are some definite downsides as well. Below are a few reasons for why I find international marriage difficult. Far away from family. One of us is always living far, far, far away from family and friends.

There will never be a time when we are close to his family as well as mine. Loss of holiday traditions. My husband especially feels this when Christmastime rolls around: There is nothing even close to a Weihnachtsmarkt here in Seattle and where is the smell of roasting nuts filling the air? When I lived in Germany, Thanksgiving came and went without even the sighting of a turkey, let alone family getting together to celebrate.

Things just feel a little less warm and comforting when our holiday traditions disappear. However, there are times when our cultural differences rub one another the wrong way. What if we divorce? Being that one can never know where life will lead us, if my husband and I were to divorce God forbid , I have no idea how difficult things could get. What if he wanted to move back to Germany?

Immigrant vs. expatriate: on being a third culture kid

The benefits of being a third culture kid Love and romance on an international stage Third culture kids TCKs can often have problems adjusting to norms of dating and gender roles within relationships How have you found dating in the new country? From songs to studies, every aspect has been probed, measured and described. Our group acknowledge the point but agree that almost every other factor is as — if not more — important to the magic of chemistry.

Perhaps it made me fussier and less willing to settle.

Here is a rarer then most BC Transmitter Tuning Unit. It has not been used in years, maybe decades. It is very clean as you can see in the many photos provided.

Cross-Cultural Love Relationships There are a lot of insightful, touching and humorous comments made in every chat, but unfortunately it would be difficult to share highlights from all of them in one article. How being a TCK influenced their dating relationships: TCKchat evnicolas No dating in my teens, too many moves. I was tired, self-conscious, displaced.

Focused mainly on schooling. We always anticipate miscommunication, so we learn to do it the best. My spouse has been like an ambassador 2 the US 4 me. A whole new perspective! TCKchat seachangementor Dating someone of a different culture helps me empathize and understand the people of that culture. TCKchat mariacelina Family life.

Military brat (U.S. subculture)

This article first appeared in the September issue of Among Worlds. Over the past couple of months the topics at TCKchat have continued to be varied, thought-provoking and insightful. We finished our series of chats on race, culminating with a conversation about cultural and racial identity. We looked at how sports can be an important connector and tool to engage in your community.

third culture kid life A series of reflections on life as a TCK from content developer, SEO specialist, author, and TCK public speaker James R. Mitchener.

But I realized my life as a TCK was filled with more happy memories than difficulties. Yes, TCKs may often struggle with identity issues, reverse culture shock, rootlessness, and loss. TCKs get to travel all over the world. We get to meet people from all different walks of life. We get to learn about different cultures and experience them first hand.

We might even pick up a language or two. Then, there are the advantageous traits we obtain and master—adaptability, resilience, open-mindedness, and cultural acceptance. TCKs usually maintain strong and close family bonds, since the immediate family is a source of stability for us. Living with my younger brother, I can attest to how important it is to have someone that understands what you are going through.

As we grow up, we get a better understanding of our highly mobile lifestyle, and make the most out of it. We come to realize how much we know about the world, and how much more there is to know. I often get people listening to my story and telling me how great it must have been travelling the world. As I continue my research and write up my proposal, I know how important it is to study the struggles of TCKs.

In Between – TCK Documentary

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